My life with dogs started in1969 with Dalmatians. My first dog was FI & SE Sh Ch & FI OB CH Jennifer. I bred the first litter from her 1971. The prefix Caballus referes to the latin name of  horse (Equus caballus). I bred totally four Dalmatian litters under my Caballus-prefix.

My first Curly Coated Retriever was INT & FI & DK CH Darelyn Tamara. She was born in 1986 at Mrs Audrey Nicholls's famous kennels in England and was sired by breed record CC-holder and multi BIS-winner Ch Darelyn Rifleman. Tamara whelped 3 times. The first litter (Caballus C-litter) by INT CH Darelyn Vincent, second A.I. with frozen semen from Australia, CH Ladybrow Bolshan (just one puppy), third litter by FI OB & TR & SH CH Blazeaway Out Foraduck, who was imported 1989 from Mrs Viki Knowles, Australia. This is Caballus Out for a -litter.

INT & FI & DK CH Darelyn Tamara

FI SH & OB & TR CH Blazeaway Out Foraduck
3.2.1989 - 17.3.2000


Caballus Out for a Blaze was Int. Champion and Champion of all Nordic Countries. "Lady" provided the groundwork for all my success in breeding of Curlies.

C.I.B FI & SE & DK & NO CH WW-98 NORDW-94 SEW-94
Caballus Out for a Blaze
28.10. 1991- 3.3.2003


She had four litters, first 2 by A.I. with fresh chilled semen imported from England: Caballus E-litter was by GB SH CH Gladrags Dynamite, F-litter by GB CH Darelyn Double Dutch, both owned by Anthony and Elaine Robinson, U.K.

The third litter was by FI CH Caballus Kestrel (Cornish Marksman x Caballus Electra), the M-litter and last, A.I. with frozen semen from Daelyb Dixon at Jancliff, which produced one puppy, Caballus Napoleon, born February 2000.

FI CH Caballus Kestrel

C.I.B FI & LT CH LTW-02 WW-03 Caballus Napoleon


Caballus Out For A Blaze was World Winner in Helsinki 1998 and Best in Group8. This happened the weekend after the first Curly World Seminar in Finland, so large number of Curly enthusiasts fromall over the world were witness to this great win.


Best in Show at the World Curly Seminar '98 was her son C.I.B. Caballus Flying Dutchman.

C.I.B. SEW-97 Caballus Flying Dutchman
7.3.1995 - 2005
Group Winner Stockholm 1997 (BIS-5)
Owner Sabina Sundqvist


The next Curly World Seminar was held four years later in The Netherlands. BIS was Lady's daughter INT CH Caballus Electra.

INT & FI & DK & NO & SE & NL CH
WW-95-02 BV-95 NORDW-94-97-98 FIW-98

Caballus Electra
14.11.1993 - 6.8.2007


In 2006 the Curly World Seminar was organized in Sweden. BIS was my English import INT CH Heathermead Huxley.

C.I.B NORD & FI & SE & DK & PL CH FIW-01 SEW-01-02 PLW-06 WW-06
Heathermead Huxley
9.12.1999 - 2.4.2012
breeder: Mrs. Michelle James, England


Caballus Electra has had a litter by INT CH Caballus Fair Dinkum. This litter of 3 puppies produced C.I.B GB CH Caballus Grand Slam who spent his first years of life living with his grand and greatgrandsire in the UK. He had a great show and working career in England during those 2,5 years. He went on winning BIS at the BCCRC Champ Show in 1997 and gained Full Ch title before reaching 2-years of age He came back home to Caballus in July -99. Electra's next litter resulted from AI with chilled semen from Multi Ch Multi W CH Cornish Marksman from Holland. This litter produced three dogs, all champions. Caballus Kingfisher would go on to be the second Caballus bred Full Champion Curly Coated Retriever in England.

INT & FIN & NO CH JWW-96 NORDW-95-97-98
FIW-96-97-98-99-00 SEW-96-98-00

Caballus Fair Dinkum
7.3. 1995 - 5.8.2007
4 times Group Winner all breed shows

C.I.B & GB & FI & SE CH NORDW-99-01
Caballus Grand Slam

24.2. 1996 - 6.8.2007
TOP Stud Dog Curly (Dog World & BCCRC) 2000 & 2001 in England

W-99-00-01-02, WW-00-01-02 

Caballus Kingfisher
10.3. 1998 -24.8.2009
Owner Hannie Warendorf, The Netherlands

In 1997 I imported my first Gordon Setter from Australia: Triseter Ebonie Nerissa. Nerissa was bred in 1999 to Ch Shannas Journalist, an English bred dog in Italy. This AI produced 13 puppies! The most successful dog from this Gordon litter was INT & IT CH GB Sh CH Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar who in 2016 is still the breed record holder (males) with 36 CC's. Nerissa was shown in England at the Gordons in 2000. Handled by her breeder Esther Joseph she won Best Bitch with CC and Best Opposite in Show. Later a Gordon male Triseter Ebonie Scot was imported together with Anne Hentunen. This was the start of her successful Goango Kennels.

Triseter Ebonie Nerissa
19.11.1996 -2008


I have also bred Jack Russell Terriers, out of Baylock lines and Blazeaway Kennels from Australia.

The Caballus Curlies have done so much winning (Groups at international shows, not to forget the only BIS winning Curly in Finland, C.I.B. Caballus Road Runner) that it is impossible to put it all here, but the latest and one of the greatest wins lately was when Caballus Iron Lion - handled by myself - won BOB at Cruft's 2016.

FIW-14-15 FIJW-14 HeJW-14 EUW-15 NORDW-15 NOW-16
Caballus Iron Lion
Best Of Breed at Cruft's 2016


Caballus has allways won the Best Breeder Group at our Club Show in Finland (with the exception of 2013 when we didn't participate).

Best In Show Breeder Group at Retriever Speciality Show 2013