LITTER for summer 2019:

We are hopefully getting puppies around coming midsummer, in June!

Helkky has been inseminated with fresh chilled semen from England.

The male is



NORD & FI & SE(u) & NO CH
FIW-14 FIJW-14 SEJW-14 NOW-16 HeW-16 EEW-17

 Thanks to excellent cooperation with dog owner Ms Cathrine Mercer and Dr. Julie Gray everything worked out fine.

The ulrasound scan will be performed on Friday the 17th of May.

The pedigree of the litter will be seen here >>

The 5 generations coefficient for inbreeding in this litter will be just 0,39%

Health analysis of the parents:

"Randal" (sire): hips BVA 4:7, Cord1-PRA clear, GSD clear, EIC carrier, eye exam: no signs of hereditary eye diseases (no distichias)

"Helkky" (dam): hips FCI B/B, Cord-1 PRA clear, GSD clear, EIC clear, eye exam: no signs of hereditary eye disease (distichias at early age)

This will be Randal's (and Helkky's) first litter. Randal at just two years of age has already 1 x CC and 6 res CC:s. He was reserve BIS at British Curly Coated Retriever Club Show 2019.

If you are interested in this litter please don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to give you more information
by e-mail or messenger or call +358 40 090 2262.



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