LITTER for summer 2019

Helkky was scanned on Monday the 20th and unfortunately only one puppy was seen by ultrasound. This is very disappointing news to many of us. I think the reason was that the insemination was performed 2-3 days too late due to Easter holidays and finally after the semen was collected, it was stuck in Midlands airport and arrived still one day later than expected.

Now we hope that this little singleton puppy will be born safe and sound and develop into a very special Curly.

I will most probably repeat this breeding in her next season. And get Randal's frozen semen to Finland in good time so it is waiting here when it's due to be used.

Thank you everyone for your interest in this litter, I hope some of you stay on the waiting list for a Caballus puppy in the beginning of 2020.



NORD & FI & SE(u) & NO CH
FIW-14 FIJW-14 SEJW-14 NOW-16 HeW-16 EEW-17

 Thanks to excellent cooperation with dog owner Ms Cathrine Mercer and Dr. Julie Gray everything worked out fine.

The pedigree of the litter will be seen here >>

The 5 generations coefficient for inbreeding in this litter will be just 0,39%

Health analysis of the parents:

"Randal" (sire): hips BVA 4:7, Cord1-PRA clear, GSD clear, EIC carrier, eye exam: no signs of hereditary eye diseases (no distichias)

"Helkky" (dam): hips FCI B/B, Cord-1 PRA clear, GSD clear, EIC clear, eye exam: no signs of hereditary eye disease (distichias at early age)

This will be Randal's (and Helkky's) first litter. Randal at just two years of age has already 1 x CC and 6 res CC:s. He was reserve BIS at British Curly Coated Retriever Club Show 2019.

Elkysar Black Arrow over Stormacre